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Good news!   The spirit of your baby is nearby and eager to be with you!  


Your current feelings and sensations are proof of your baby’s presence and your sudden alignment with your baby’s spirit. With a little spiritual coaching, you will soon be able to form a bond with your unborn baby and release any blocks you may have created to bringing your new baby into your life.  


In Calling In your Baby, author and renowned clairvoyant Tori Quisling will guide you through the process of removing these unforeseen spiritual blocks.  For years her simple techniques have helped scores of women get pregnant who had already spent years and thousands of dollars on other unsuccessful therapies and programs.


Creating your own baby miracle will happen sooner than you think. All you need to learn is how to call in your baby!

Clairvoyance is your psychic ability to see and know truths in life.  


Through clairvoyance, all of the answers about anything at anytime are available to you. We all possess a limitless power of clairvoyance. However, most of us know very little about how to use it.


In The Clairvoyant Practitioner, you will learn to consciously develop your clairvoyance and in doing so learn to reconnect with a great reservoir of power.    Hidden abilities will become available to you, helping you reconnect with who you are as a powerful being in a world of infinite possibilities.