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It's been my pleasure all these years to help people find the clues and answers to questions that they find vital. All the answers are there if we are curious and bold enough to find them.

Readings - Private / Phone / Email

In my readings I will teach, guide and empower you in your relationship between you and your spiritual path. I will give you the tools that will help you continue your clarity and growth well beyond the reading.

Workshops & Courses - Clairvoyant Development

Learn more about your own psychic abilities through one of my monthly, interactive workshops. I offer a variety of workshops on topics such as Clairvoyance, Intuition, Psychic Games, Crystals, and Intuitive Aromatherapy.

Fertility Coaching - Removing Psychic Blocks to Pregnancy Manifestation

Over the years I have helped dozens of women and couples achieve fertility results when conventional methods have failed.  

*Please call for more information and pricing.