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Upcoming 2019 Workshops!

$40 each; $175 for a package of 5; or get one workshop free when you purchase a one-hour reading session ($300.)

Please obtain more information or register for individual workshops or a series directly with Tori at 516-423-1794 or Tori@ToriQuisling.com 


Tuesday, September 10, 2019; 7-8:30p
Workshop Focus: Clairvoyance and the Aura
What is your aura? Your aura is a resource for your answers, life purpose and meaning in your relationships. We will explore how to "see" the energy that surrounds you - the colors and meanings to the layers- in a playful interactive workshop including meditation, visualization and spiritual communication. This is open to all levels. Personal readings and meditation included.  150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington $40/person; space limited

Tuesday, September 17, 2019; 7-8:30p
Workshop Focus:Clairvoyance and Your Chakras
Each of the chakras in our body contain psychic abilities. Once you understand their power in your life, and how they work together, you can find balance and create more freely. Tori will guide you through a meditation to open these chakras, clear them, and begin to use them consciously to improve your relationships and life goals.  This is open to all levels. Personal readings and meditation included.  150 Bayview Ave, Port Washington $40/person; space limited

Wednesday, September 25; 7-8:30p
Clairvoyant Demonstration with Tori Quisling. Receive a personal reading and learn about your own psychic abilities with Tori Quisling, Clairvoyant Practitioner of 32 years and author of the book The Clairvoyant Practitioner: A Simple Guide to Developing Your Clairvoyant Abiltiies.A Clairvoyant reading is an energetic profile of you at the soul level, offering healing and validation in your purpose, relationships and health. Each participant will experience a clairvoyant meditation for grounding and intuitive expansion as well as a personal reading in the group.
Port Salt Cave, 403 Main Street, #3, Port Washington -space is limited;  contact them directly for registration and fee- 516-439-4820

Sunday, October 20, 2019; 10:00am-12:00pm
Workshop: Calling in Your Baby: Clairvoyant Techniques to Manifest Your Pregnancy;
$55/person; $95/couple
Are you struggling to get pregnant? Learn clairvoyant techniques to create this miracle in your life. Class includes meditation and lessons from Tori's Calling in Your Baby book and workbook. Group readings included. Private readings and individual programs available at a special rate for registrants of this workshop.  Please see the WPIX 11 news story on my website.


Wednesday, October 23, 2019; 7-9pm

Workshop: Intuition and Healing with Crystals at the Roslyn Salt Cave

Crystals are Alive. They are powerful “beings” that have “grown” in the earth. When they are found and “birthed” out of the earth, they are ready to work with us. Crystals carry an electromagnetic field that can be felt by your body, spirit, and mind. You can categorize them by their colors and shapes. Each variation of crystals carries unique vibrations that affect your physical body, chakras, emotions and energy field. You can learn to speak with the “spirit” that exists in the crystal to increase your intuitive abilities. In the workshop, you will experience a variety of powerful crystals through meditation, visualization and on-the-spot readings. You will learn that crystals perform the following functions for us:

*Cleansing -- they can communicate and release the “seeds” of illnesses and beliefs in the cells of your body

*Grounding -- they come from the earth. They assist you in bringing you more fully into your body--remembering you are here to enjoy your experience on earth.

*Magnifying -- they work with you to enhance and assist in developing your own intuitive  and healing abilities

As a final part of the workshop, we will design and build a crystal mandala with a group intention in the cave! 

Contact Wendy at the Roslyn Salt Cave to register, 17 Lumber Rd, Roslyn, NY; 516-629-7089; $60/person

Saturday, October 26 , 2019
Go on an "Instant Pilgrimage" with Tori--The Mysteries & Magic of Ancient Egypt (Part 2)* at the Metropolitan Museum, NYC
Near All Hallow's Eve: "When the Veil is Thin"
9:30am - 1pm
$75/person (includes admission to the museum;
book directly with Tori only)
You can take an "Instant Pilgrimage" to Ancient Egypt to honor All Hallow's Eve (Halloween) at the Met Museum in NYC with me as your guide. This is a powerful and transformative journey that takes place in just over 3 hours!  This is part two of the Egypt Tour I regularly offer; we will re-connect with Sekhmet, The Book of the Dead and the Temple of Dendur but also visit other areas including the Ancient Greek and Roman sections!
*Please Note: You don't have to attend Part 1 to enjoy Part 2.
All participants receive a complimentary Tuesday night workshop of your choice before or after the tour.

All Tuesday night workshops are $40 each or you can purchase a series of 5 workshops for $175 (good for 6 months). You can also join on-line!